5 things to watch on Fox Nation This January

It’s January, and 2022 is bringing five new Fox Nation offerings to ring in the New Year.

From looking back on an unforgettable 1981 to an examination of how progressives are infiltrating American classrooms, Fox Nation has outstanding new content for subscribers. Check out what’s coming this month. 


Who can forget 1981?

It was the year when people went gaga over a car, a new kind of shuttle went out really far, and video killed the radio star. Check out the 10 most entertaining, romantic, sublime, perplexing, innovative, tuneful, touching, intense, outrageous stories of 1981.

Oh, and there was a royal wedding, too.

The MisEducation of America

For over 100 years, the progressive Left has been deceptively infiltrating America’s classroom undetected, until now. Join “FOX & Friends” host Pete Hegseth as he both uncovers the secrets of the Left’s educational agenda and rediscovers the beauty of how our children can be taught to become virtuous citizens within our great republic. 

Castles USA, Season 3

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro returns for another season of “Castles USA,” where she tours some of America’s most historic castles dating back centuries.

What Made America Great, Season 8

In this series, Brian Kilmeade brings you along as he explores the places that shaped our amazing country, and finds the hidden secrets that you might think had been buried by time.


In “Ellis Island,” Brian travels to the site where millions of people came through in hopes of becoming Americans. Alongside immigration attorney Michael Wildes, Brian learns the journey they took to be a part of this country.

Brian Kilmeade with Immigration Attorney Michael Wildes at Ellis Island.

Brian Kilmeade with Immigration Attorney Michael Wildes at Ellis Island.

In “Teddy Roosevelt & The Five Points,” Brian walks Mulberry Bend in Downtown New York City, a site that was the country’s first urban renewal project, thanks to Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt. Historian David Eisenbach and Former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly give a glimpse into what went into revamping the once crime-ridden area.

Back to the ’80s

Starting soon, Fox Nation subscribers can watch some of their favorite films from the 1980s, including “The Outsiders,” “The Right Stuff,” “Private Benjamin,” “Tango and Cash,” and other classics of the decade.


Enjoy, and good news … You won’t need a VHS to see these flicks.

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