Alex Hogan reports on Ukrainian refugees congregating in Poland: ‘Heartwarming side of this heartbreak’

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Fox News’ Alex Hogan reported live from Medyka, Poland Tuesday on Ukrainian refugees coping with fleeing their home country after it fell subject to the Russian invasion. The correspondent appeared on “America Reports” as co-host Sandra Smith noted that the scenery surrounding Hogan is “emotional” for all to see, considering the moment is captured on International Women’s Day and most of the refugees are women and children.


ALEX HOGAN: There is a numbness that I think we see right now, but, there will be long-lasting effects when we talk about PTSD for what people have seen. I talked with one woman who said that her train was shot at. Others who said they heard the bombings, and they saw that, of course, that stays with you. But take a look at this crowd behind me. Everyone is huddled together. These were all strangers and many of them are now able to communicate and talk with each other about what they have all just gone through, everyone here leaving their country when, just two weeks ago, they were going on having normal lives that I think too often people take for granted… There is such an incredible human connection to see, and I hope that that gets translated to our viewers because as desperate and difficult of a time I think this is, and many watching from home feel helpless not knowing what to do, there is the heartwarming side of this heartbreak of how many people are coming together to help people in these times of need.

SANDRA SMITH: I think everybody is taking in what is happening behind you, Alex, and it is emotional for all of us to see, and you are in the middle of it, and on International Women’s Day, Alex… There are moms and aunts and daughters that are trying to get through this, and they just don’t know what lies ahead. But that strength, Alex, it does shine through the TV screen. 


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