All American Justice month: 5 things to watch on Fox Nation this March

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True crime lovers rejoice: Fox Nation is doing its subscribers justice by offering arresting new content this March, branded as ‘All American Justice’ month by the streaming service.

The streamable accompaniment to Fox News Channel, known in no small part for being home to true crime experts like Nancy Grace and Mark Fuhrman, will see the return of the award-winning series COPS, the acquisition of fan-favorite Forensic Files and several new specials that are criminally good.

With new content covering everything from Jimmy Hoffa to Bill Cosby, the Son of Sam to the Lufthansa Heist, there’s something for everyone this ‘All American Justice’ month on Fox Nation.



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The series, a recipient of four Primetime Emmy nominations which Fox Nation inherited last fall, follows city police officers across the country during patrol, calls for service and other police activities. The show has also featured both state and federal agencies, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the United States Marshals Service. COPS sees its Season 33-return after a brief hiatus with episode 15, entitled “Nine Lives.”

Episode Description: A generous boyfriend steps in to prevent his girlfriend from going to jail. Officers save a kitten who wants to hide in a dangerous place. A man says he’s been driving a stolen truck for one day, but he’s off by a few months.

But that’s not the only hit series coming to Fox Nation.

Forensic Files:

25 years after its premiere, Forensic Files remains the most successful true-crime series of all time. Inspired by the O.J. Simpson murder case, the series succeeded 400 episodes proving science catches the bad guys.

Now, Forensic Files will call Fox Nation its new home, with seasons 1-9 streamable on the app beginning March 1. Fox Nation will also offer subscribers a special tribute episode to the long-running show, set to premiere the same day.


Freed to Kill:

The year was 1992. The town was Waco, Texas. 

U.S. Marshal Parnell McNamara and U.S. District Attorney Bill Johnston were investigating the mysterious abduction and murder of Melissa Northrup, a convenience store clerk on a lonely stretch of Interstate 35, when investigators discover a 1985 tan Thunderbird near the crime scene registered to a Kenneth Allen McDuff — a serial killer who was put on death row in the 60s.

Now, Fox Nation recounts the story that took a Texas town by storm with a new five-part series, Freed to Kill.


The Great American Heist:

Many are already familiar with the infamous Lufthansa heist, an event that gripped the nation in the late 70s. Now, Fox Nation offers an inside look at one of the largest cash and jewel heists in American history: the 1978 Lufthansa Robbery. 

Nearly $6 million was stolen from the Lufthansa Cargo Terminal at JFK Airport in New York, suspected to be led by Lucchese crime associate Jimmy Burke and the rest of his crew. Now, subscribers can follow the crime, the murders and the investigation that followed to find out who got pinched, who got whacked and who walked away unscathed —  protected by the government in their attempt to gather information while trying to crack the case.

The new three-part series, The Great American Heist, will no doubt steal your attention.

Fuhrman Diaries:

The Fox Nation-exclusive series first released alongside the debut of the app itself in 2018 returns with its seventh season premiere this March. From the sinister Son of Sam to the legendarily disgraced Bill Cosby, former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman explores five new cases in the seventh installment of Fuhrman Diaries.

Eric Shawn's riveting series sees its fifth installment this 'All American Justice' month, streaming exclusively on Fox Nation this March.

Eric Shawn’s riveting series sees its fifth installment this ‘All American Justice’ month, streaming exclusively on Fox Nation this March.
(Fox Nation)

Also available to stream on Fox Nation during ‘All American Justice’ month are new specials Mob Mentality: Sammy the Bull, A Natalee Holloway Investigation with Nancy Grace and the fifth installment of Riddle; in anticipation of an FBI dig in Jersey City, N.J., Fox News’ Eric Shawn continues the search for one James R. Hoffa.

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