Biden’s energy policies exhibit a ‘reckless disregard for reality’: Rick Perry

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Former Trump Energy Secretary Rick Perry joined “Hannity” Monday to address the Biden administrations reluctance to boost U.S. oil production as gas prices surge past $4 a gallon.

RICK PERRY: We knew this was coming as soon as we saw the Biden administration start putting a stop to our fossil fuel production in the United States. We knew that the Russians were going to use energy as a weapon. We talked about it ad nauseam over in Europe when we were delivering American liquefied natural gas. We were basically calling it “freedom gas” and that’s exactly what it was. We are seeing the reality of reckless disregard of reality, and that’s what this administration is doing. Reckless disregard for reality. The reality was, when you gave the Russians the weapon of energy, they were going to use it.


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