Bill Maher rails against ‘toxic’ Democrats: ‘You’ve become the party of no common sense’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher appeared on “Cuomo Prime Time” and offered CNN viewers something they rarely see on the network: criticism of Democrats

During an interview on Wednesday, Maher insisted, “Anyone with a D next to their name is just completely toxic” to ordinary Americans, particularly in the age of wokeism. 

“Woke — I don’t remember the day the term was born, although I hear AOC says, ‘Only old people use it now.’ Well, you gave it to us. Like five years ago. So sorry we didn’t get the memo,” Maher told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Wednesday. “In its best sense, if we’re talking about being aware of things we should have always been aware of more, reckonings that we’ve had… but there’s a reason why the term ‘woke’ has come to signify going too far. And doing things that don’t make sense.”


“I keep saying this to the Democratic Party. The reason why you’re so toxic is because you’ve become the party of no common sense. And people see this on their newsfeeds,” Maher said. “They see things on their phone or on their Facebook page, people pass things around and it’s a constant drip, drip, drip of ‘Oh, these people are nuts’ in a way — they’re not oblivious to the fact that Trump is nuts. When he ran, one of his big selling points was ‘You’ve got no choice.’ He was saying, ‘Yes, I know I’m nuts. You know I’m nuts. But they’re nuts in a very different way that’s closer to home to you.'”

Cuomo asked Maher why Americans who want “normal” would favor a Republican Party that “want to destroy all of the institutions that secure our normalcy,” something Maher pushed back on, saying “they don’t care” about the institutions since a lot of people don’t even know the three branches of government. 

“That kind of person is not going to care as much about that as something that is much closer to happens in my home,” Maher told Cuomo. “If my kid comes home from school and tells me, ‘They’re telling me I’m a racist. What does that word mean, Mommy?’ Is a kid, a young kid old enough to process that? Or, you know, comes home and says, ‘I think I’m a girl now’ and the school says that — I think in California now, you have to go by that. If a child wants to change his name to a girl’s name, that stuff is right in your home. That’s at your kitchen table. That is the kind of stuff that is going to get people who go, ‘Oh, you know, what he’s was doing — Trump and Ukraine, it was wrong as much as I read about it, but Ukraine is a long way away and this is my house and these are my children.”


Later on, the HBO star slammed liberals for their “progressophobia,” which he described as their fear of acknowledging the social progress that’s been made over the years, as well as the “virtue signaling” that goes on.

“I’m an old-school liberal… They changed, not me. I was the old, ‘We should be moving towards a colorblind society where we don’t see race.’ That’s the old way of looking at it. I think that’s still the good way of looking at it. That’s how we win when it doesn’t matter what your race is,” Maher said. “That’s not wokeism. Wokeism — we have to see it everywhere all the time. That’s different. I don’t know if that makes it better.” 

Maher then shared how amazed he was to see a “politically mixed audience” during his stand-up tour, something he said “never happened, ever” before. 

“I think there’s a lot of old-school liberals like me who don’t like what’s going on — on the far end of the left,” Maher said. “I keep saying when you’re doing something that sounds likes a headline in The Onion, that’s when know you’ve gone too far. ‘Land of Lincoln cancels Lincoln.’ That really happened… Seattle, the city council voted to decriminalize crime. This is an Onion headline… This is what I mean about the party of no common sense.”


The “Real Time” host clarified it “isn’t where the party is” but rather “the faction that gets all the headlines” that “goes in the blue bin” to the average voter. 

“I think it was Tommy Tuberville, the Republican senator from Alabama, wanted to catch the Democrats and put defunding of the police up for a vote. It lost in the Senate 99 to nothing. No Democrat voted for it. But if you ask the average person, ‘Are the Democrats for defunding the police?’ ‘Oh yeah.’ That’s the disconnect that the Democrats really better address,” Maher added. 

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