Career criminals game the system and earn a living in Democratic cities: Leo Terrell

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Fox News contributor Leo Terrell sounded off on Democrat-run cities Friday night on “Hannity,” calling out the district attorneys to “prosecute the individuals officers are arresting.”

LEO TERRELL: The police officers cannot do their job. Eric Adams and his subway program is meaningless without Alvin Bragg, the district attorney. If the district attorneys of these Democratic cities do not cooperate, the career criminal will game the system. You just showed the example of a woman. Ninety-six times — she’s gaming the system. Career criminals can earn a living in Democratic cities. Crime does pay in Democratic cities. And what bothers me is Eric Adams wants credit for doing a good job. He’s done nothing until he calls out Alvin Bragg, until every one of these DAs come to the plate and prosecute the individuals who the officers are arresting. It is meaningless. Totally meaningless.

I want to be clear about this … until prosecutors hold their feet to the fire. We’ve got to get rid of all these Democratic prosecutors, these George Soros prosecutors, or else you will see Democratic cities taken over by criminals … they get out in the streets within 24 hours … It’s a waste of time. Police officers can’t do their job.


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