Chris Rufo pushes back on anti-racism audits in schools: This is about turning children into activists

Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo joined “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday warning schools will use anti-racism audits to put children “under the thumb of these ideologues.” 

CHRIS RUFO: There are now tens of millions of students that undergo these kind of surveys and so-called anti-racism audits. And this is what happens when you take the ideology of critical race theory and you attach it to administrative power. What they’re doing is they’re plumbing the students for dissent. They’re trying to reorganize them from the inside out. It’s really a form of kind of brainwashing technique; where you go in, you do an anti-racism audit and guess what? They always find racism. It pays these diversity consultants and then it puts the children under the thumb of these ideologues. And make no mistake about it, this isn’t about education, it’s about turning children into activists.


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