Concha on CBS’ Gayle King comparing Ukraine refugees to illegal immigrants in US: ‘This is an activist’

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Fox News contributor Joe Concha ripped CBS anchor Gayle King for her controversial comments on Ukrainian refugees, arguing she is an “activist” instead of a journalist. Concha joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss her remarks after she compared the treatment of Ukrainian refugees to illegal immigrants in the United States. 


JOE CONCHA: So we’re comparing Ukrainians, women and children fleeing bombs and a Russian slaughter to migrants coming to this country illegally from countries that at last check, don’t have bombs flying over their people and onto their people and crossing our southern border, and we should equate the two? Let’s remember who Gayle King is, by the way. All right, after President Obama left office in 2017, guess who went on vacation with the Obamas? Gayle King went on vacation with the Obamas, and if you’re going to be seen as a CBS News anchor, probably shouldn’t be seen in public hanging out with ex-president sunning yourselves and having a great time. It’s a bad look, and I’m pretty sure Cronkite didn’t go on vacation with any of the presidents that were around when he was covering them at CBS News. So we know who we’re dealing with here. It’s not a journalist, it’s an activist. And to compare the two between Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine because they have to and they are bringing nothing with them, with illegal migrants coming into this country not being treated well, that’s a whole ball of wrong.


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