Dan Bongino: Democrats are obsessed with tearing down values

Fox News host Dan Bongino issued a warning on Saturday’s “Unfiltered,” saying Democrats are “obsessed” with tearing down “family and religion.”

DAN BONGINO: You ever noticed that every time the Democrats have a crisis, the fix they propose always seems to attack our pillars of Western culture? It’s all part of what they call the “Great Reset.” Folks, the left can’t stand conservatives. They hate what we stand for. They hate that this country is built on objective truths. They hate that … God-given rights exist, but you already know that. The answer is why do they hate these things? And it’s found in what they call the “Great Reset.” It’s because you are in their way.

So what’s the “Great Reset”? The World Economic Forum is a globalist organization of self-professed elites. The founder and chairman is Klaus Schwab, who literally wrote the book “COVID 19: The Great Reset” and made it a focal point of his summit in Switzerland in 2020. You want to read up on the “Great Reset”? There’s an entire page on their website dedicated to how they want to start over with year zero.

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