Dana Loesch blasts Biden’s ‘fake compassion’ as migrant children dropped at Jersey Turnpike rest area

Conservative commentator Dana Loesch joined New York Post columnist Miranda Devine on Fox News on Monday to discuss the Post’s bombshell story on the Biden administration’s clandestine migrant charter flights from the southern border to places like Purchase, New York.

Loesch said Biden and his administration continue to claim their immigration policies are grounded in compassion but remarked that appears to be tenuous at best when migrants are reportedly flown to the U.S. interior in the dead of night and then bussed to places like the Thomas Alva Edison Service Area on the Jersey Turnpike.

“When people see that there is no law and order being enforced not just at the border but in the interior. I thought Miranda’s story was fantastic,” she said. “My question as a parent was where are the parents of these children — these minors being transported up to New York and being put on buses thereafter. Do we even know where they are going? Have any local officials been made aware? That’s a very serious issue.”

Loesch said Biden’s implicit invitations for foreign nationals from all over the world to illegally emigrate across the southern border is why the “Madre Caravana” – as “Fox News Primetime” host Will Cain reported – is amassing in Panama to head north very soon.

Devine reported that one of the flights that landed in the dead of night at Westchester County Airport debarked its migrant passengers, who were then loaded onto buses and driven southwest into New Jersey. 

The migrants were then unloaded once more overnight at the rest area near Perth Amboy – and then a short time later, several got into vehicles that got back on the Turnpike, “without anyone appearing to have to show identification to the officials overseeing the operation.”


In the Post report, Devine reported another instance in which a bus carrying migrants to Long Island left Westchester Airport and violated New York State law against commercial vehicles on state Parkways as it raced at a reported 75 mph toward the Throgs Neck Bridge.

Loesch later added that if the immigration policy was truly about compassion, there would be a “regular order” that Americans could follow and verify to make sure the policies were being carried out accordingly.

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