Democrats ‘don’t believe America is worth defending’ if invaded, polling shows: Chad Wolf

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Former acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf exposed the left’s anti-Americanism amid the Russia-Ukraine war Saturday on “Lawrence Jones Cross Country.”

CHAD WOLF: So what we saw in August was about 83 … billion dollars worth of equipment left in Afghanistan for the Taliban. And at the same time in July of last year, we heard Vladimir Putin talking about his plans for Ukraine. So if you’re the Biden administration or the National Security Council, you’re putting two [and] two together – you should be – and you should say, “Hey, some of this equipment that we no longer need, let’s start moving that to Ukraine, where they can use it, and they would use it.” But I think what this again signals is the … hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan that we saw. It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t coordinated. And in effect, we had to leave all of that equipment instead of giving it to our allies and others around the world that we knew could benefit from it at the end of the day. 

 … [W]hen you break it down along party lines, I agree with you that a majority of Democrats would not stay and fight. And I think what this tells you is they don’t believe America is worth defending at the end of the day. These are individuals, many of them [who] condemn America, believe it was conceived in sin. They don’t fight for our history. They don’t want to defend our heritage. They don’t want to defend our workers, and they don’t want to defend our borders at the end of the day. So, unfortunately, when you think about it that way, I guess the poll is not that surprising, but it should be. It should wake up a lot of folks. 


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