Educator gives parents tips to ensure children are not taught critical race theory

Indiana school administrator Tony Kinnett told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday how schools are using misdirection to infuse critical race theory into the classroom, and provides advice to parents to combat the curriculum.

TONY KINNETT: The first thing you [parents] should be doing is talking to your kids’ teachers. So many of my parents had great conversations with me weekly on what was going on not just inside my classroom, but inside the school. There is this very interesting myth by the left that all of the teachers are on the left, and the right believes it. A lot of teachers really just want to go in and teach and are happy to have discussions with parents. However, if you find that a teacher is being uncooperative, they are teaching things that really shouldn’t be taught in the classroom, they are treating your kid different based on color, you have a responsibility to go to the principal and the superintendent, and if that doesn’t work, you really should look into electing a much better school board that is going to serve your community based on merit, not on color.


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