Former DEA official warns of alarming rise in overdoses caused by fentanyl-laced cocaine

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Former Drug Enforcement Administration special ops official Derek Maltz shared concern over the rise in fentanyl overdoses, saying this is not a “red or blue issue,” but a “red, white and blue issue” Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

DEREK MALTZ: This week, we had two kids dead in Portland — high school teenagers. The community is in disarray. You had, like in Colorado last week, you had three dead in a hotel room. You had five dead three weeks ago in an apartment in Colorado. In the nation’s capital by Washington Nationals Park, you had 10 drop, two or three died. San Francisco, we could go on all night. Remember, this is a big thing. This is one gram of Sweet’n Low … One gram of Sweet’n Low can kill 500 people if it was fentanyl, so it doesn’t take a lot to kill. And unfortunately, the Mexican cartels are working with the Chinese transnational criminals, bringing in mass amounts of fentanyl, making fake pills.

The DEA administrator reported in December that there was enough fentanyl seized by the DEA alone to kill everyone in America. So the pills are rampant in the cities, all throughout America. The cartels are making billions, the border is wide open, and then the president said that the drug crisis is an unusual and extraordinary threat to American national security. But the vice president, the president, they’re not even talking about it. No public service announcements, no education to the kids. The parents that I work with throughout America, they’re devastated. They didn’t even know what fentanyl was. 


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