Former Ukraine first lady: Putin’s hatred for the US drives his policy

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Former Ukraine first lady Kateryna Yushchenko joined “The Story” to share her thoughts on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

KATERYNA YUSHCHENKO: First, I want everybody to understand that Russia’s carrying out a genocide in Ukraine. They’re destroying entire cities, bombing critical infrastructure, hospitals, schools, even bakeries that produce food for people. They are bombing humanitarian corridors, and so the idea of more corridors – we’ve experienced these over the years and we know that it’s just an invitation to bomb our people from leaving and to bomb the people trying to bring in food and medical equipment. You know, they’re…capturing and even threatening nuclear facilities and this is causing, as you have shown, millions of people to be displaced, homes destroyed. 

We have seen now looting, raping, and we see an entire generation of children will be traumatized. And you know, I want it to make it clear that Putin is not doing this just because he wants to capture Ukraine. He wants to overturn the entire post-World War II rules-based order that was very much grounded on American power. His hatred for the United States drives his foreign policy. He wants a world not based on values of freedom and democracy, but on dictatorship, on a world where might beats right.  


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