Fox Nation offers free preview of ‘Who Can Forget?’ in tandem with Season 5 release

‘Who Can Forget?’, Fox Nation’s fast-paced, irreverent, comedy-laced look-back on monumental years in American history, is back for another season of memories. And what better way to ring in the new year than by reflecting on years past?

Now, even those who don’t subscribe to the streaming service can take a walk down memory lane with the likes of Tom Shillue, Kennedy, Janice Dean, Liz Claman, and other Fox News and Fox Business favorites – and with satirical commentary from comedians Michael Loftus, Jimmy Failla and more. 

For a limited time, non-subscribers can visit to watch a full episode from Season 5 of the Fox Nation exclusive series, which is sponsored by Prevagen and throws back to everyone’s favorite decade: the 80s!


“We go over the big stories, we go over the laughs, we go over the tears,” said Shillue in an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ Monday. “We’re doing stuff from 1981, 1984, 1988, and 1989 — so there’s so much to talk about, and it’s such a fun show to do.”

1981 was the year when people went gaga over a car, a new kind of shuttle went out really far, and video killed the radio star. “And now, special thanks to our sponsor, Prevagen, you can view a full episode of the new season: Who Can Forget 1981? for free online,” noted co-host Brian Kilmeade.

With four episodes in the vault – reliving everything from the “massive spectacle” that was the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, to the movie theater culture that took the final year of the decade by storm – fans of the ferocious decade are sure to be entertained.

Those who subscribe to Fox Nation can also watch earlier iterations of the series, with episodes that spotlight various years and celebrated events in recent history. ‘Who Can Forget?’ also includes newly-released holiday specials, like ‘Who Can Forget 2021?”

… Well, maybe you’d like to forget that one.

But for you non-subscribers out there, don’t forget to visit today to check out the 10 most entertaining, romantic, sublime, perplexing, innovative, tuneful, touching, intense, outrageous stories of 1981.

The free preview experience of this blast from the past is available beginning January 3 until January 9.


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