Gen Keane urges Biden to send message to China that their aggression will be confronted, countered

Former Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Jack Keane told “America’s Newsroom” on Monday that the United States needs to send a message to China that their aggression will be confronted and countered at the upcoming summit with President Xi.


JACK KEANE: …China’s aggression. The rapid growing military in the world. The balance of power in the Pacific region has shifted to them militarily. Their cyber warfare campaign is the most massive undertaking by any country to undermine another country’s civil society and to steal its technology and information. 

And clearly the United States has got to push back and tell President Xi, unequivocally, that this kind of aggression we are going to continue to counter and confront. It’s not enough just to compete. We can’t have any of the language that President Obama had years ago when he tried to counter President Xi on the south China sea expansion and also over cybersecurity; and what happened as a result of that? Despite President Xi saying, yes, he will take that into account and he will curb his behavior – that’s my words, not his – what did he do? He doubled down on all of it… What we have to do is watch what they do… What we need to do is make sure it doesn’t lead to military confrontation and conflict. And that’s the undercurrent of what’s taking place here.


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