Gen. Petraeus: Putin’s is preparing to deliver a Russian example of ‘shock and awe’

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Retired Four Star General David Petraeus joined “Your World” Monday to discuss if a Russian invasion of Ukraine is inevitable and whether Vladimir Putin has set his sights beyond Ukraine and into the Baltic states.

GENERAL DAVID PETRAEUS: It’s very hard to say what he’s planning at this point other than that he has certainly positioned all of his forces to invade Ukraine, to provide a Russian example of shock and awe if he decides, if he calculates that that is worth pursuing. I would suspect having declared the independence, and recognizing the independence of these republics that he supported the separatists in taking away from Ukraine, that his recognition of them is a prelude to having Russian forces go in there justified by actual cases that they have manufactured. Russia has manufactured; to claim that the Ukrainians have been shelling them or this kind of thing. … He has to be considering two realities. One is would be very swift for Russia to take over part if not all of Ukraine. Indeed, to force its government out of Kyiv. Then he has to be wondering how painful will it be to absorb Ukraine, swallow what they have promised would be a porcupine. 


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