Gutfeld: Critical race theory can turn any ‘promising overachiever into a petulant failure’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher’s heated exchange with Michael Eric Dyson over critical race theory exposed a “blind spot” among supporters of the controversial ideology, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Monday.

“There is a huge blind spot for people who favor CRT,” the Fox News host said on “The Five.” “They can’t show us the good parts. They’re like ‘what do you have wrong with it?’ So Bill Maher says this is the problem, but they don’t see that as the problem they see it as the advantage or [as] the positive attributes of CRT.” 


Maher on Friday night’s show addressed how “Democrats got their a– kicked” in Tuesday’s elections, particularly in Virginia where the issue of education dominated the gubernatorial race won by Republican Glenn Youngkin. 

Dyson, a Vanderbilt University professor, argued that parents were “spooked” by CRT even though “none of them can define it” and suggested that they were outraged only because Black history was now being “centered” in the school curriculum. 

Maher in turn argued that the Republican victory last week represents parents’ objections to “separating children by race, and describing them either as oppressed or oppressor. I mean, there are children coming home who feel traumatized by this,” he said.

Dyson continued to argue, however, that the debate in school districts was solely focused on how Black history is taught to children rather than the CRT ideology itself.


“Dyson believes that this is basically just White parents right worried about their White kids,” Gutfeld said. “It’s a lot of non-Whites who realize that instilling this righteous victimhood…can quickly turn any promising overachiever into some petulant failure.”

He continued, “If you become successful through victimhood, then you’ll only be successful through victimhood because that will quickly replace – the same thing with any kind of woke ideology – a deeper thought that you should be chasing.”

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