Hannity: Biden ‘vilifying’ police, medical professionals for not complying with vaccine mandates

In his “Opening Monologue” on Monday, host Sean Hannity said President Biden’s and the Democrats’ vaccine mandates are unscientific and moreover are vilifying the exact people he and many others on all sides lauded for their bravery and professionalism during the worst early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hannity played a clip of a now-former police officer in Washington state signing off on his radio for the last time because Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee instituted a mandate that cost him his job. The officer ended his watch with an expletive directed at Inslee, a 2020 presidential candidate.

“Sounds like the chant for Brandon,” Hannity remarked – as sports fans have begun chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” as a coded anti-Biden slogan following a reporter’s mishearing of the actual words following a race at Talladega, Alabama earlier this month.

“In the early months of Covid-19, police officers didn’t have the option of staying home, did they? They had no idea what the status was of anybody they were coming into contact with, did they? These are members of the military that risked their lives for us. They had no idea either. What about the doctors and nurses, first responders, every single day, they worked in a petri dish of COVID,” Hannity said.

“They were diving on COVID grenades to save lives every single day. They bravely faced the threat of COVID-19 every day and many of them contracted COVID as a result of trying to save other people’s lives. Those with natural immunity, now being vilified, they’re now going to be fired from their jobs because they will not comply with Biden’s mandate.”

“What happened to Biden’s promise to allow alternative solutions like testing unvaccinated workers instead of firing them? Biden of course is lying again,” the “Hannity” host added.

“Many are calling it the great resignation. With Biden’s vaccine mandate, that’s about to get so much worse. Joe Biden is seemingly unconcerned.”

Hannity said Biden is willfully rationing monoclonal antibody treatments for coronavirus, which have been proven effective according to officials like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – with the host asserting there is a blatant political quality to the apparent rationing.


“He was handed three vaccines, monoclonal antibody treatments, [yet] over 353,000 people now have died in 2021. That’s more than the number of people in 2020 when we knew far less about COVID-19 than we do now under Donald Trump,” he said.

“Now, Donald Trump was in office, the coverage on fake news CNN, three networks, MSDNC (sic), it could be apoplectic every single day. It would be the COVID death counter… How come they did not do that when Joe Biden was president?”

“Make no mistake, Biden takes zero responsibility.”

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