Horace Cooper calls out anti-racism speakers for making ‘racist’ assumptions

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Project 21 co-chair Horace Cooper gave his take on anti-racism speakers being paid thousands for their lectures on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

HORACE COOPER: Well, there’s no doubt that we’re living in a culture where when you highlight issues of race, people think they’re going to have to stand up and salute smartly. Here’s my problem … this isn’t anti-racism discussion. This is racist discussion. If you listen to some of the nonsense — and a lot of it is nonsense — that these presenters bring to the table, it includes things like assuming certain things about people solely because they’re White and solely because they’re Black. We used to call that bigotry when that was done, instead of recognizing that people are individuals. Now it’s lucrative for these individuals to do these things, but it would be lucrative too if this were 1920, for David Duke to do this. The only difference is most people of good sense and good will understand they shouldn’t say that and they shouldn’t pay him.  


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