Hunter Biden’s paintings pricier than Picasso’s: Devine

Some of Hunter Biden’s paintings are more expensive than Pablo Picasso’s, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine reported Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“You can buy a Picasso, a signed Picasso, for $400,000, which is cheaper than Hunter Biden’s $500,000 paintings,” she said. “So I think possibly that the people who are paying insane prices for Hunter Biden paintings are not really doing it for the art.”


Devine told Carlson she was turned away from Biden’s Soho art show for not having an appointment despite her email to make one with gallery owner Georges Berges going unanswered. After being denied entry, she “went across the road” to the Martin Lawrence Galleries where she discovered paintings by Roy Lichtenstein and Picasso, the latter of whose work she found to be less costly than Biden’s.

Host Tucker Carlson replied, “I wonder how many actual artists – talented people who’ve slaved away for years with no recognition and no income – have seen this, decided to give up and jump off the Triborough Bridge.”

Devine then related the tale of a struggling artist who “has slaved for years” to live off of his art. By comparison, Hunter Biden is cashing in on what Carlson called his “finger paintings,” “only because his father is president,” Devine said.

“That’s the only reason that people are buying it: for the notoriety and potentially for the influence because, of course, we know that Joe Biden is partial to a bit of influence-peddling in his family,” she said.

Carlson alluded to Biden’s checkered past from drug use, to using racial slurs to pornographic videos through his 40s.

“And then, once you got to your 50s, decided, ‘Hey, I want to be Andy Warhol. I’m a highly paid pop artist’,” Carlson said. “You probably couldn’t do it unless your dad happened to be the president. That’s how Hunter Biden pulled that off.”


The host cited a report that the president’s son made $375,000 off of only five of his paintings, selling them for $75,000 each. The New York Post said that only three prospective buyers reviewed Biden’s paintings on the second day of his art show in New York.

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