Jesse Watters: Liberals love Fox News, a lot more than CNN

Jesse Watters Primetime” host ended his show Thursday by thanking liberals for doing their part in helping Fox News become the first cable news network to finish number one in the ratings for 20 straight years.

JESSE WATTERS: Fox News just celebrated 20 years at number one. The first cable news channel in history to hit that landmark. It’s been and honor and a privilege to crush CNN and MSNBC, especially CNN in the ratings over the years. But it’s a team effort, as they say over at PBS, “we couldn’t do it without viewers like you.” A lot of you who tune in are conservatives and independents and we appreciate you, there’s another demographic who apparently can’t get enough of Fox. Democrats. And I’m not just talking about my own mom. I didn’t believe this either, but we’ve seen the data. Liberals love Fox News. They might not admit it to their friends, but they’re watching us, and they’re watching us a lot more than they’re watching CNN and MSNBC.


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