Jesse Watters questions if the Durham findings could end the Clinton dynasty

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Jesse Watters crushed Hillary Clinton amid the findings from the Durham probe alleging lawyers from her campaign paid to have Trump‘s servers penetrated.

“Hillary broke into a presidential candidate’s computer server – and a sitting president’s computer server – [in order to spy] on them. There, her hackers planted evidence, fabricated evidence connecting Trump to Russia, then fed that doctored material to the feds and the media. At first, she just did this to distract from her own email scandal.”

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

“But then, when Trump beat her, she used this hoax as an excuse for losing. This launched a criminal investigation aimed at taking down a sitting president. Hillary Clinton broke the law to frame Trump as a Russian traitor. The media, the so-called umpires of our democracy, went along with the frame job. For years, they backed up whatever lies Hillary was spewing about Donald Trump.”

Jesse Watters Primetime” host went on to accuse Clinton of perpetrating an insurrection, while cushioned by the liberal media


Former President Trump 

Former President Trump 
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“The media failed to police Hillary, the dirty cop of politicians, as she pushed an insurrection. The left loves to memorialize Jan. 6 as an attack on our democracy. But if that’s true, then what’s this?” Watter said. “The Russia hoax and the three-year Mueller investigation did more to undermine faith in our democracy than Jan. 6.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller of Department of Justice's Russia investigation into former President Trump.

Special counsel Robert Mueller of Department of Justice’s Russia investigation into former President Trump.
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

“This is a level of corruption not seen in American history. This is more brazen than the Watergate break-in. Hillary’s hackers broke in, planted evidence, then got the feds to try throwing a president out of office. Isn’t it time she faced the consequences? Has the time finally come? Are we witnessing the end of the Clinton dynasty?”


Because of the alleged actions, Watters said the credibility of the highest institutions in the U.S., such as the Justice Department and CIA, were “shattered.” 

He went on to say that the political fallout from the Russia investigation had real political consequences on Republicans. “The Mueller investigation hung a dark cloud over those midterms, costing Republicans the House.”

“Was Mueller trying to find answers? Or was he covering the left’s tracks? We know the answer. Mueller was a mop-up job, and he was just there to tee up impeachment,” he said.

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