Jesse Watters: Tuesday’s election results were ‘only the beginning’

Jesse Watters said Americans are “fed up” with Democrats Saturday on “Watters’ World,” and predicted that Tuesday’s “red wave” was “just the beginning.”

JESSE WATTERS: Americans are fed up with the Democrats. We won’t stand by while liberals destroy the country. So give yourselves a round of applause. Here’s what the red wave looks like: Virginia went red just a year after Biden won by 10. A republican nearly toppled the New Jersey governor, a state Biden won by 16. A rare red wave hit Long Island, too, and Minneapolis voted against dismantling the police department. 

The law and order candidate in Seattle – remember CHAZ, or whatever it was called – he beat the pants off the radical left DA there. And a write-in beat the socialist in Buffalo. Common sense had a very big week.

What does this all mean? 

On the day of the reckoning, a reporter asked Joe Biden if he took any responsibility for Democrats getting shellacked. Joe said no, the country is just confused. 

We aren’t confused. The American people know exactly what’s going on, and we don’t like it. Biden’s agenda isn’t our agenda. We want lower prices, cheaper gas, stronger borders. But Biden keeps serving us vax mandates and places to plug in our electric cars. We don’t even drive electric cars. 

So facing a rebuke from voters and watching a red wave form, do they listen to voters and pump the brakes on Biden’s trillions, or do they swing for the left-field fence, knowing they’re going to get pancaked next November anyway? So the Democrats are divided in the media and in Congress. And after making our lives more expensive, more dangerous, more divisive, and starting a culture war they can’t win, they’re about to hear an even louder roar from the American people next year. This is only the beginning. 


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