Joe Concha rips Biden for not backing police: Find one speech where supporting cops is the central theme

Fox News contributor Joe Concha criticized President Biden, the media and liberal lawmakers on “The Story” Friday for failing to adequately condemn police shootings and crime.

JOE CONCHA: This isn’t hyperbole. Another cable news network on their media show tried to tell us this is exaggerated, this is hyperbole. Crime is a problem, but not that big of a problem. Poll after poll, more than eight in 10 Americans say they’re deeply concerned about crime. It’s a top issue for voters along with inflation. The president is polling in the 30s on approval on this issue. Try to find one speech, one where supporting police officers and law enforcement is the central theme. Where is “60 Minutes” on this by the way? Look at the editorial pages of The Washington Post. I see one on Trump worship, as far as an opinion. One on President Biden, “It’s time to end the death penalty,” is the call. Another one about the cakes of Britain are hot on Boris Johnson’s trail. Nothing condemning these police shootings, nothing talking about crime and what we need to do to stop it, not just adding more police officers, but DAs that actually enforce the law. 


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