Karol Markowicz says parents must fight against remote learning in 2022: ‘Science is on their side’

After 2021 was marked by American parents who fought against overbearing school board officials, New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz told “America’s Newsroom” on Friday that parents must continue to fight against remote learning because “science is on their side.”

KAROL MARKOWICZ: Parents need to constantly say remote education is not real education. Remote schooling is not schooling. I think we really all learned that last year. These temporary remote breaks can turn into longer-term remote breaks. Parents need to actively fight this. The Randi Weingarten lie where she said that she tried to open schools last year … well, show us how much you want to open schools now. Tell these school districts not to go remote. Tell them that kids need to be in school and they’re low risk. The science is on the side of kids being in school. Show us how much you want kids in the classroom. Now is the time where the rubber meets the road for people like that.


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