Kilmeade: America is ‘once again dependent’ on other countries for energy

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One Nation” host Brian Kilmeade explained how the United States went from focusing on energy independence to energy dependence in Saturday’s opening monologue.

BRIAN KILMEADE: From sticker shock at the gas pump to extra dollars spent heating your home, Americans are feeling the pinch. AAA’s average has the cost of a gallon of gas rising over a dollar compared to 2021. More expensive gas drives inflation because higher inflation costs are passed down to the customers, making your milk, your eggs, everything else more costly. Probably don’t need me to tell you that. And for those living in frigid parts of the U.S., more expensive natural gas bringing the heat to both your home and your wallet. Now abroad. With Russia and Ukraine on the brink of war, already soaring energy prices run the risk of skyrocketing even further. How about [$100] a barrel? Why? Because America is once again dependent on other nations for oil. 

Under President Trump, the U.S.’ monthly crude oil production peaked in 2019 at 12.3 million barrels per day. By November 2021, that dropped to around 11.2 million. President Biden’s administration made us dependent again. Biden killed pipelines, reversed nearly all of Trump’s pro-drilling policies, making the West and northern Europe dependent on Russia for reliable energy. Now, a war between Ukraine and Russia could raise the stakes worldwide. President Biden vows to target Russia’s energy industry, suspending its Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline that runs through Germany. While they try to make Russia suffer, so would their customers, like the NATO countries. If we kept our past plans in place, we could have been our allies’ supplier. Cutting off natural gas could have ripple effects in oil markets.


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