Kilmeade: Refund the police and live ‘our full lives with the virus’

Brian Kilmeade offered solutions to rising crime and COVID-19 mandates in Saturday’s opening monologue of “One Nation.”

BRIAN KILMEADE: The key is to refund, not defund the police. Got a long list of Democrats who have called for defunding, dismantling, reimagining and eliminating them. Democrats are responsible for the blood running through the streets and the subways. Now, look, you could go ahead and play sound bites from all these men and women over the last two years. Are we going to get some law and order and is it going to be restored in our streets? When you call them out, Mr. President, when you go ahead and do that, then I’ll know you’re serious about crime.

Johns Hopkins released a study exposing what we already knew — that the pain, the sacrifice, the mandates, the masks — all useless. It turns out, shutting down only reduced COVID deaths by 0.2 percent. I repeat — 0.2 percent. You missed a wedding, couldn’t make a funeral, couldn’t go to the hospital? Too bad, it was all for nothing. But if you’re not watching Fox, you might not know that, because the media blacked out that study. How convenient, they just didn’t have time to do it. Too many scandals, especially when it comes to CNN, perhaps. Some schools are not even dropping vaccine mandates. Now the cases and hospitalizations are dropping rapidly. Look at the stats. We have to transition now to living our full lives with the virus, not hiding from it. That means back to work, back to school, back to life, like Sweden, like Denmark, like the U.K. 


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