Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial has been ‘parade of horribles’: Turley

With an MSNBC freelance reporter has been banned from the courtroom and the defense calling for a mistrial after the emergence of new video footage in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley summed up how the case has been tumultuous on “America Reports.”

JONATHAN TURLEY: It is hard to express how moronic that decision would be if MSNBC sent someone to follow this bus. They are aware that this is a city on the edge. The case is about prior violent rioting that led to this encounter. And everyone is on edge. To follow that jury was just a perfectly insane decision, particularly if you were trying to take their pictures.

Because it’s not just that you’re going to take their pictures, it also means that if the jury feels that someone is following them, it may make them feel more uncomfortable, particularly in voting for the defendant in fear that other people might follow them. 

So you could not have more serious of a situation for the court to deal with. And so the question now becomes, you know, the judge has obviously banned MSNBC from the courtroom. But this is just adding to a trial that has been just a parade of horribles in terms of prosecutorial errors, in terms of controversies with evidence. And now the media itself is becoming part of the story.


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