Lee Zeldin: Audience of ‘The View’ now ‘dumber’ for listening to Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust views

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., told “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on Wednesday that “The View” host Whoopi Golberg’s comments on the Holocaust were “dumb” following ABC’s decision to suspend Goldberg for two weeks. The Jewish lawmaker, who’s running for governor of New York, expressed concern about the takeaways for viewers of the program.   


LEE ZELDIN: The comments were dumb, insensitive … they were stupid. If you were watching ‘The View’ yesterday, and you thought that you were going to learn something, and you’re paying attention to Whoopi’s words as she was saying that, like taking it to heart, you actually were dumber than before you started watching ‘The View’ yesterday.

You could actually just spend that time during these hours listening to the Brian Kilmeade radio show and actually get the facts instead of listening to Whoopi Goldberg’s take on the Holocaust. We need more Holocaust education in our own schools. We need more civics education of what’s going on in our own country’s history right here in our own schools here in the U.S.

Left, right, it doesn’t even matter if you want to start reinventing history like this and just not understand what’s coming out of your mouth. You don’t really belong on TV because people heed your words and then they take it to heart. They form their own independent judgment, and that impacts civilization, life in this country going forward. So she is wrong for saying it. She needs at least those two weeks, and hopefully she never says it again, and for anyone watching ‘The View’ yesterday, wipe your mind clean of whatever she might have said.


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