Marc Thiessen: China helping Putin by shutting down TikTok streams from Russia

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Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen told “America’s Newsroom” on Monday that China is helping Russian President Vladimir Putin by shutting down TikTok livestreams from the country. 


MARC THIESSEN: Let’s remember that TikTok is a Chinese company so whatever decisions they are making are being made in Beijing. And Beijing is an ally of Vladimir Putin. But. yes, you are absolutely right. Social media companies do have an obligation. What’s fascinating is how innovative the Ukrainians are. 

As soon as they started taking down some of the social media sites, they started posting news on restaurant reviews of Moscow restaurants to get them to get the information to the Russian people. The hacker collective ‘Anonymous’ hacked into Russian state television and started broadcasting images of Russian defeats and Russian soldiers’ bodies in Ukraine on state television. The cyberwar that is going on underneath the surface here, it goes both ways. It is much harder in the age of cell phones to keep the news from people.

It’s a Chinese company. They’re helping Putin by shutting down TikTok. Western social media companies should flood the zone with information.


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