Marco Rubio: China is watching the US response to Russia-Ukraine tensions

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Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., weighed in on Biden’s response to the rising Russia-Ukraine tensions on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Well, I don’t think that with NATO there and the U.S. there, that he’s going to move on these Baltic states, which is probably the most vulnerable. I think that’s probably too much to chew off at this time and I don’t have a problem with some level of ramp up, but we can’t lose our focus on China. I mean, NATO can take care of, with some contribution from us, I think they can prevent this from going any further. We really got to remain focused on China. This is an important thing, because I think that China’s watching this and if we live in a world where a country can decide, “Hey, that land belongs to us,” and give you some two-hour history lesson, which is a bunch of nonsense, and then go in and take it, you know, you’re going to see that happen in other places. I want to make one more point. 

One of the things that’s happening here is, you know, we’ve waged a war under the Biden administration against oil and natural gas in the United States. We stopped producing it. We’ve cracked down on it. We’re not going to do more of it, and so what’s happened is it’s made Russian oil and natural gas more valuable. It’s made Putin giving him more leverage, and it’s actually left to Europe and us and the world more vulnerable. We’ve got to reverse … that’s one of the most important sanctions we can impose right now is to announce tonight, Joe Biden should go on TV and say, “I am lifting all these silly Green New Deal restrictions and we are going to begin to produce oil and natural gas so that thugs like Vladimir Putin don’t get to hold entire continents hostage.”


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