Mike Pompeo issues stark warning after China fires nuclear-capable hypersonic missile

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described China as an “adversary” on “Hannity” Tuesday night, adding how “America is showing weakness” following the debacle in Afghanistan and after the Iranians fired missiles from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

MIKE POMPEO: “What we did for four years was make clear to the people of Taiwan that we’d be there to support them, to provide what they needed so they could defend themselves. And we made clear to the Chinese Communist Party that it was completely unacceptable if they took military action against the island of Taiwan. Those two basic facts were things President Trump was very clear he was prepared to defend. They could see that we did that elsewhere in the world when we struck Qasem Soleimani, when we fired rockets into Syria, when they use chemical weapons crossing President Trump’s red line. I think they all knew that we were serious about protecting Americans. I think they realize that the debacle in Afghanistan, the fact the Iranians fired missiles from the Gaza Strip into Israel have all shown American weakness. And I see that the four things you walked through tonight and those are all things where America is showing weakness. And when you do that, our adversaries will do everything they can to put us at risk and to crush us.”


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