Mitt Romney calls Democrats ‘desperate’ to pass Biden spending bill

As President Biden’s spending package faces labored debate, Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, suggested on “Special Report” that Democrats are willing to do “almost anything” in their desperation to pass the bill.

Romney: Well, I think the Democrats are pretty desperate. They want to get something done for the president because he’s kind of circling the drain with the electorate in the country. And as a result, they’re willing to do almost anything, I think. So I think you’re going to see legislation passed. But the real problem is the legislation is not popular with the American people and it doesn’t address the concerns people have. They’re concerned about inflation. They’re concerned about empty shelves. And this legislation makes things worse, not better…

I think it’s hard to predict what inflation is going to do in the future. We’re seeing it now and people are seeing it, the prices they pay for food and for gasoline. But $1.9 trillion that the Biden administration put out in January now asking for trillions of dollars more. I hope you understand how much a trillion is. A million seconds ago, it was early October. A billion seconds ago, George Herbert Walker Bush was president. A trillion seconds ago, a trillion seconds ago, Neanderthals walked the Earth. So a trillion is an enormous amount of money. And the Democrats, I think, are adding fuel to a fire, creating more inflation, and it’s hurting the American people.


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