Newt Gingrich dubs Democrats the party of ‘left-wing ideologues and the teachers union’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said Democrats are not the party of parents, but rather the party of “left-wing ideologues and the teachers union” Saturday on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” 

NEWT GINGRICH: They’re the party of left-wing ideologues and the teachers union. It’s the radicals at the top of the teachers union that make it impossible for Democrats to be the party of parents because the radicals don’t want any kind of parental involvement in what they decide to indoctrinate their children with. 

So, in Virginia, this played out to enormous detriment to the Democrats, and you could tell they didn’t get it, because as late as the weekend before the election, McAuliffe, the Democrat, had Randy Weingarten, who’s the head of one of the teachers’ unions, an outspoken radical, come into town to campaign for him, and it was just crazy. It was like pouring gasoline on the fire. So I think they have a very hard time. 

Plus, the values they espouse, whether it’s critical race theory or it’s attacking American history or it is deciding they don’t want any kind of really excellent schools. They want to dumb down all the schools so nobody feels bad, so nobody will flunk, because there are no really good grades. None of this stuff works if you want to be the party of parents. 


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