Omicron turns out to be ‘everything Fauci said it wouldn’t be’: Will Cain

Fox News guest host Will Cain called out the hysteria surrounding the omicron variant on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” as well as inaccurate predictions made by President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

WILL CAIN: “The omicron variant has so far turned out to be everything Anthony Fauci said it wouldn’t be. It has not been the winter of death and destruction that Joe Biden predicted — far from it. The omicron variant is mild. Just when you thought America could finally turn the corner on this pandemic, a new wave is sweeping across the land. Insanity. The unhinged meltdown on a Delta Air Lines flight by former Baywatch actress Patricia Cornwall wasn’t a reminder of how far we have come during the pandemic. No, it was a sign of what is to come … if the American people tolerate this insanity.”

“Fear and neurotic paranoia seem more rampant than ever, even more so than the early days of 2020. And strangely, it comes from those who would ironically say they are the most protected. The thrice vaccinated. The double-masked person … who also wears a face shield. The deranged lady who wears a mask outside by herself. The vaccine hasn’t given these people their freedom. Neither has omicron. They convinced themselves for months that mask-wearing and vaccines would protect them from COVID. Now, confronted with the reality that it will not, they seem even more willing than ever to double-down on their crazy behaviors.”


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