Pelosi’s warning to US Olympic athletes ‘leads to communism’: Jorge Masvidal

Fox News host Jesse Watters asked UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recommendation that U.S. Olympic athletes remain silent on China’s human rights violations on “Jesse Watters Primetime.

JORGE MASVIDAL: First, I don’t know why they sent our athletes to China, that’s crazy. … I don’t know why they sent the American athletes over there. If it’s such a problem that they can’t even speak on the matters, you know, so it’s crazy. And my parents, of course, I know what they would say. You know what they would say? They said this leads to what Cuba is now, what Venezuela is now. It leads to communism, you know, and we have to stop it as soon as we get a chance. … She’s not for the American people.


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