Putin can inflict more pain and suffering to make this worse: McMaster

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Former national security adviser Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster told Jesse Watters on Thursday that although the Russian army has its vulnerabilities, the world might see more indiscriminate use of fires and the murder of civilians.

LT. GEN. H. R. MCMASTER: Sadly, I think he has a little bit longer to go. And, you know, of course, he’s running out of options, right? He thought this was going to be easy. He thought he could do it in a few days. He thought the Ukrainian people would welcome him. He believed his own propaganda and disinformation, which you just covered so well. And so, what’s he left with? He’s left with more devastation. And this follows kind of the playbook of the Russians. I mean, they’ve enabled serial episodes of mass homicide in the Syrian Civil War. And if you think back to Chechnya, the Chechnya interventions in the 1990s, Putin presided over the last one in 1999 where they essentially dealt with Chechnya rebels in Grozny by just leveling the city. So, I mean, there’s tough times ahead for the Ukrainian people. They deserve all the support we can give them. But I don’t think, you know, I don’t think Russia could be able to accomplish its objectives, but he can certainly inflict a heck of a lot more pain and suffering and make what is already a humanitarian crisis much worse.


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