Putin is getting inside the head of Biden administration: Keane

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Ret. Gen. Jack Keane condemned the Biden administration for hesitating to supply Ukraine with defensive equipment in a timely manner Wednesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JACK KEANE: I’m getting to think that Putin is really getting inside the head of some of our leaders in the administration here … We didn’t give them the Stingers until last week. Other NATO countries have been giving them Stingers for months. And I believe the unstated reason [is] we didn’t want to provoke them. 

Now, here comes the Poles — they want to give them their fighters. [The U.S.] reneged on … providing the fighters directly to Ukraine … and now the United States throws up their arms and says, no, that could provoke the Russians if we give them the fighters. That is a lot of nonsense. 

I mean, Stingers, artillery pieces, anti-tank weapons — they’re all there. And why are we afraid that we’re going to provoke the Russians here? It’s nonsense. If we keep going down this ladder, it’s going to tie our hands when the Ukrainians need everything that we can possibly give them to help them. We’ve already made the decision — we’re not going to defend them. But let’s help them with everything we got. Sure, these fighters would help in themselves are decisive. No, but no weapon system in and of itself is decisive. It’s the compliment of all of them together that makes such a difference. 


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