Putin will bring out heavy artillery if backed into a corner: Benjamin Hall

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Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall warned Tuesday on “The Ingraham Angle” that Russian President Vladimir Putin “will bring out the heavy artillery and hit the people” if backed into a corner, noting that it’s a “playbook of his.”

BENJAMIN HALL: The sun is rising today on the seventh day of this invasion, and frankly, there is a lot of fear about what it might bring, and that’s because yesterday we saw Vladimir Putin increasing his bombardments on urban areas, on residential areas. And he has warned, his Defense Ministry has warned that that will continue today. Yesterday, we saw Putin’s forces take out a well-known landmark — the television tower in Kyiv — and there is growing fear now that he’s going to pull back and continue this crushing bombardment of built-up areas. They also rained down rockets yesterday on the second-biggest city of Kharkiv, while Russia’s Defense Ministry urged residents of both cities to flee today, saying it was going to strike unspecified areas within the city and hit their communications. However, when it comes to that 40 mile–long armored convoy that we have been talking about, the one that had been bearing down on Kyiv, it has actually made no advances over the last 24 hours. And the U.S. official now saying, in fact, that it has been beset by logistical problems, supply issues — short on fuel and food. And there is growing talk that actually this is not going the way that Putin hoped it would, and that is why he is doubling down. That is why he is using his heavy artillery. That’s why he’s using his rockets. The death toll, it keeps rising, and so does the exodus. The UN is now saying that 677,000 people have left in the past six days. That number rising by about 100,000 a day at the moment. Again, no one knows what today will bring, but Vladimir Putin in his Defense Ministry, making it very clear they are going to continue hitting these cities.

What is most likely to enrage Vladimir Putin is a sense that this is not going how he wanted, and if he finds himself backed into a corner, he’s going to do what we’ve seen him do over the last day or two, and that is bring out the heavy artillery and hit the people. He’s done it before — he did it in Chechnya. It is a playbook of his. When he’s not doing well, he doubles down.


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