Rep. Jim Banks: Biden’s response to Russia raises concern

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., told “The Ingraham Angle” Monday night that President Biden and his administration’s approach to Russia has been a failure and said one needs to look no further than the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.


REP. JIM BANKS: “Joe Biden has been in one year the friendliest U.S. president that we’ve had toward Russia in my lifetime. He lifted the sanctions on the Nord Stream [2] pipeline, I mean that, in it of itself, were what [President] Putin and Russia were begging America to do and Joe Biden did it. He gave it to them. And all of our European allies, our former allies—whatever we want to call them at this point—they see that message loud and clear as American weakness, America backing off of our own interest. Remember, when America pursues America’s interest around the globe, the world is a much safe place. I mean, Donald Trump taught us that. I mean, look at North Korea, the Middle East, Afghanistan, China and Russia—all of it—the world is a much more tumultuous place on Joe Biden’s watch than it ever was when Donald Trump was in the White House.”

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