Republicans who voted ‘yes’ on infrastructure ‘stirred up a hornets nest’: Acuna

Fox News senior correspondent Alicia Acuna issued a warning amid the passage of the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill late Friday night, adding that “we‘re really getting used to some big numbers, and it’s getting to be really frightening.”

ALICIA ACUNA: I think it’s going to be very interesting going into the midterms, how all of this plays out, or even if folks remember, because maybe we’ll be talking about even higher packages at some point. It’s a little scary. But, you know, Republicans really had a moment there while Democrats were really just beating the heck out of each other within their own party because they were dealing with this civil war. Now you have these 13 Republicans who’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest in their own party. …

 And now you have this other fight where it really was a moment for them to come together and let Democrats just sort of like, take care of things themselves. And they’ve been tripping over themselves, as we saw in the election night on Tuesday. So we’ll continue to watch this. I do fear about that. And I think a lot of Americans out there fear that these numbers will continue to go up as we become ever used to eye-popping numbers which were once eyepopping and are no longer.


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