Russia using Ukrainian nuclear power plant to try to ‘hold Europe hostage’: Ukrainian MP

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Ukrainian Parliament Member Sviatoslav Yurash sounded off on Russia-Ukraine peace talks and the attack on Europe’s largest nuclear power plant Friday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

SVIATOSLAV YURASH: These talks are basically, from what I can see from Russian demands, are a mirage. Russians [have been] trying to essentially … from the very beginning … destroy our sovereignty, our independence, our will to become [an] independent nation. And they demand things which will never pass … These are things that basically destroy any chance for Ukraine to be its own state. So as far as conversation there, … I would point to these peace talks. We need to give them their bodies, and we have so many Russians [who] died already in Ukraine. The transfer of these bodies needs to be organized, and that’s something to discuss [in] these negotiations. Also, we have hundreds of their P.O.W.s, and they have some of ours. We need to talk about that, too. … But as far as the actual ending to the warfare, unfortunately [the] Russians aren’t giving it a chance. 

[T]hey have been shelling that biggest nuclear power plant in Europe. The fact of the matter is, this is the way of them to [try] to hold Europe hostage. To say, “You do anything, and we will blow this up. We will show you what [it] actually is [like] to fight with the Russians.” Essentially, that’s the reality of what’s happening. They have been reportedly mining the nuclear station. I’ve seen reports of that account. And the point is this will be their chip in their negotiations not with us, but with Europe trying to tell it to basically pull back. 


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