School closures caused ‘outraged’ parents to rethink party alignment: Former Levi’s executive

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Former Levi Strauss & Co. executive Jennifer Sey told “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday that the recall of three progressive San Francisco school board members showed there was a “silent majority” of “frustrated” parents

JENNIFER SEY: I am surprised it was this decisive. I mean, it was 70/30. So, you know, that is surprising to me. And the reason it’s surprising is, I was outspoken about school closures in San Francisco since March of 2020, and I certainly felt like I was in the significant minority. But what this says to me is that there was a silent majority of parents that were incredibly frustrated, outraged that schools were closed for seven months, and they showed up, and they voted in the special election to recall in a really, truly decisive manner. And I think this is causing people to rethink party alignment. You know, for me, it’s not even about party. I’m going to vote for candidates that support the causes that I care about. 


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