Schools ‘lying’ about grades for decades, alleges reporter

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On the latest episode of Fox Nation’sTucker Carlson Today,” host Tucker Carlson spoke with reporter Luke Rosiak about his new book “Race to the Bottom: Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education.”

Rosiak told Carlson that while researching the book, he uncovered allegations that teachers in places like Northern Virginia have been teaching in alignment with standardized testing and not with the goal of making students proficient in their grade levels.

“These schools have been lying for decades. That’s one of the most amazing things that I was struck by when I was researching this book is, what we’re seeing now with coronavirus and transgender stuff, and CRT, it’s just a symptom of what they’ve been doing for decades,” Rosiak said.

“They’ve just been lying. And they lie about student achievement. That’s the main thing.”

“One of the most striking things that I saw was this chart that juxtaposes grades, and then test scores. And there’s no correlation: Grades are a fraud.”

Empty Classroom In Elementary School. 

Empty Classroom In Elementary School. 
(Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Rosiak told Carlson that teachers often “make up” grades to appease potentially concerned parents and simply advance students to the next grade level, with their only serious academic focus being toward making themselves seem proficient in standardized testing.

“Teachers teach to the test,” he said.

“They lie about everything except standardized tests. That’s the only thing they can’t control. And so, they’ve been lying to parents in a variety of ways for two decades. First, it was the grades, and then they’ve got all kinds of other schemes.”

“And CRT is really just the latest one, because it says, oh, there’s no such thing as objectivity — showing up on time or wanting the right answer, that’s a function of ‘White culture.”

A teacher has gone viral for a video she posted on TikTok showing the moment she tells her students that she decided to quit. (iStock)

A teacher has gone viral for a video she posted on TikTok showing the moment she tells her students that she decided to quit. (iStock)

He said blaming students’ faults on “White culture” is a convenient excuse to ward off concerns over the $17,000 per year per student in one district’s tax calculations, when the students there might be only at a 36% literacy rate.

“The teachers have been failing at their only mission, which is to educate kids in these core subjects. And they have been lying to us to conceal their utter and inexcusable failures,” he said.

“That’s all this latest stuff is — It’s just a way to distract us from the main subjects, math, science, and writing.”

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