Sen. Graham: ‘Dishonorable’ Biden admin is folding to Russia again

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Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told “America Reports,” Thursday, that the Biden administration has been “dishonorable” for denying Ukrainians weapons they need for the Russian invasion.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: We’ve gone from incompetent by the Biden administration to this move is dishonorable… So here’s why it’s dishonorable. Putin’s morale went up, and the Ukrainian morale went down because we allowed Putin to take off the table weapons that would hurt him, help the Ukrainians…the vice president made a mistake by going to Poland. She made things worse… Her appearance, I think, emboldens the Russians. How could anybody believe what she said in Poland is helping the overall cause? 

So I’d give this administration a ‘D’ in the following areas — they’ve been dishonest, disingenuous and dishonorable. They’re dishonest when they say the Keystone Pipeline would not make a difference…They’re disingenuous when it says that the oil companies are responsible for not producing enough oil. Do you really believe that? They’re dishonorable when they deny the Ukrainians the weapons they need to defend themselves…



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