Sen. Hawley calls on young men to stand up and make America better

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday to defend masculinity and call on young men in America to stand up, get a job and take responsibility.

SEN. JOSH HAWLEY: Men are in crisis. We’ve got at least 16 million men in this country who are out of the labor force, they’re not just unemployed, they’re not even trying to work. I’m talking about able-bodied men, prime age men, we have an epidemic of fatherlessness in this country. What is the left saying? They’re saying America it’s a systemically oppressive place and that men are to blame and that masculinity is to blame. If you want to be a man, if you’re assertive, if you’re independent, if you display those that characteristics psychologist have associated with men for decades, then you are contributing to the oppressive place that is America. It’s not true and it’s time we call that out and we say to young men in particular, we need you. We need you to be responsible, we need you to get a job and you can make this country a better place by being who you were meant to be and we should call men to do that. 


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