Sen. Kennedy blasts Democrats’ crime policies: Woke motto is ‘see no evil, hear no evil, prosecute no evil’

Senator John Kennedy, R-La., joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” Tuesday to address America’s crime crisis and discuss why Democrats seems to coddle criminals as violent crime continues to rise. 

SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: With respect to crime. I would rather be forced to listen to O.J. jokes for the rest of eternity than to take the advice of President Biden or Governor Newsom. They are both nauseously woke. One of the cardinal tenets of “wokeism” is that the criminal is the victim. The victim isn’t the victim. The criminal is the victim. “Wokers” believe that no one should have to accept responsibility. They believe that it’s always someone else’s fault, and their motto is hear no evil, see no evil, prosecute no evil. Now, fortunately, most Americans, at least those who have an IQ above a sloth, understand that’s not the way the real world works. Most Americans understand that, unfortunately, and for whatever reason, there are some people in our society who are not sick, they are not confused, they are not mixed up. It’s not that their momma or daddy didn’t love them enough. They are just bad, or at least they do very bad things, and that’s why we have to have prisons. With respect to those people who say, “oh my gosh, I’m in prison, isn’t this terrible.” I would say, look, if you don’t want to go to prison, don’t do illegal stuff. But the corollary to that is, what you allow is what will continue. If you do really bad stuff, we have to send anti-society folks to prison. Otherwise, you are just going to get more of the same. And, unfortunately, I’m sorry to have to say it, but both President Biden and Governor Newsom have adopted this jaundiced view of reality.


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