Steve Scalise: Make no mistake, Biden’s agenda was on the ballot

Democrats are in the process of trying to identify what happened in the Virginia gubernatorial race and the close contest in New Jersey. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to offer his opinion of what happened.


REP. STEVE SCALISE: “If you think about it, maybe a month ago, if you were in a district that Joe Biden won by maybe 12 points, you probably thought you were safe and it was probably those few members where, maybe, [Donald] Trump won by one or Biden won by two or three that were the vulnerable ones. Well, last night…Joe Biden won by 10 points in Virginia and he [Terry McAuliffe] lost by two points…make no mistake, Joe Biden’s agenda was on the ballot last night. A lot of things were rejected by the voters last night: big-government socialism was the biggest thing voters rejected. They also rejected critical race theory, defunding the police was rejected…the idea that union bosses are more important than parents in the kids’ education, that was rejected by the voters, too.”

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