The Biden admin’s response to boosting US oil production is ‘frustrating’: Dan Eberhart

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“Switching Gears” author and Canary CEO Dan Eberhart told “Jesse Watters Primetime” about the difficulties the Biden administration is imposing on the U.S. oil industry.

DAN EBERHART: I’ll tell you, it really upsets me when they talk about this price gouging. The people that I know in the oil field, which supports about 11 million jobs in the U.S., they work hard. Every day we go out there, we get dirty, we work very, very hard. And these jobs are very difficult and not that easy sometimes. And to just hear these people from Jen Psaki, from the White House podium, you know, go on and on about 9,000 leases and not being drilled when she doesn’t know the difference between a lease and a permit. It’s just really frustrating. I’d like to invite her to Watford City, North Dakota, or Odessa, Texas, come see what we do every day. Come get some mud on your boots and come find out the real difference between a lease and a permit and what we’re doing every day. 


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